Privacy-Policy [ anovIP ]


  • Privacy Policy :- A strong Privacy Policy is a core requirement of business and we strictly adhere to this. We have a very strong and strict privacy policy. We only collect data with the consent of the parties, once the parties accept to our terms then only we collect and store their data. We inform the party concerned the particular purpose for which the information is gathered and adequate security measures are taken to protect the personal information so gathered and stored. We receive information that may be directly provided to us such as personal information the visitors provide to us when they visit our website, secondly information/files/documents/data that may be shared with us vide email etc.

  • Information Security :- Our information Security revolves around three principles confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

  • Confidentiality :- Our data confidentiality focuses on protecting sensitive information, such as nonpublic personal information (PII) or cardholder data (CD), from unauthorized access. It means that private information which does not need to be public is kept safely so that no one can access the same without permission.

  • Integrity :- Data integrity focuses on ensuring that data accuracy and preventing changes to information entered into a database or other resource. It means that the data that is collected and stored will be kept safe and intact and no harm will be put upon the data neither any malicious or accidental changes will occur upon the data.

  • Availability :- Data availability means that the data that is stored and collected shall be kept at such a place where it is not only safe but is also readily available as and when it is required and no loss will incur upon the firm due to unavailability of data.

  • Encryption of Personal Data :-We have a very strict and strong policy regarding encryption of data. The data that we collect and store has a great importance to us, so it becomes imperative that we protect the data that we collect and store. We have an encryption policy to protect our data and we encrypt the files so that no can reach them without our consent.

  • Data Access Policy :-Another effective mechanism to protect our data is the Data Access Policy. Data Access Policy simply means that who will have access to which data. We have a policy of need to know basis only the person who is required to have the access to information is given the access to data and that too on a very restricted basis so that safety and privacy of data can be maintained.

  • Changes to the Policy :-The Company reserves its right to change its privacy policy and terms of use at any time. We may not notify you regarding the changes we make; however, you may visit our website to check our privacy policy.

  • Contact Us :-If you have any questions or problems regarding our privacy policy you may contact us by sending an email to us on our registered email |